• Paulo Floriano

    Paulo Floriano

    Chief Product Officer at Revelo. 17 years trying to build the right thing. Benjamin’s father. Vinyl records junkie.

  • Surbhi Tak

    Surbhi Tak

    Swinging in the pendulum of thoughts to understand and gracefully live the so called “BEAUTIFUL AND INTRIGUING LIFE”

  • Gautier Zimmermann

    Gautier Zimmermann

    Podcast Host 🎙 @ https://designsystem.fr | Product Designer 🎨 @ Cardiologs

  • Marine De Scorbiac

    Marine De Scorbiac

  • Ari Bajo

    Ari Bajo

    Freelance Data Engineer & Technical Writer. I digest 50+ tech blogs by French companies → guriosity.com

  • Alain


  • Diane Mergui

    Diane Mergui

    Senior Product Manager @Pivotal Labs, Curious mind, Wine and Cheese Enthusiast. I read and write about product management, psychology & behavioural science.

  • Lulu Gu

    Lulu Gu

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